What Would You Choose? DIY a Designerbag From Old Jeans (this Jeans bag Tutorial saves you $1500) New 2022

What Would You Choose? DIY a Designerbag From Old Jeans (this Jeans bag Tutorial saves you $1500)

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Check the full bag sewing tutorial here: https://youtu.be/CCP8d1SFdus

the Coolest DIY Denim Bag tutorial on the Tube: This Thrift Flip Is A Must. Not Only Because Alexander Wang Should Remain Cancelled.. But Why Break the Bank to Wear an Upside Down Jeans Bag? Today we DIY a Julia Fox Denim Look – But Better because more sustainable! Julia Foxs Fashion Style has Become Low Key Iconic In The Past Few Months. From hasty simplistic DIYs to Alexander Wang and Couture: This Woman Knows How To Get People Talking. In this julia fox tutorial we recreate The Julia Fox denim outfit. Julia foxs diy denim outfit consists of part diy cropped jeans and part designer wear namely alexander wang. We will also do a diy alexander wang bag today by flipping an old pair of jeans into a bag. The diy alexander wang hobo bag can be easily made by upcycling an old pair of jeans, is is basically already a denim thrift flip. So refashion an old pair of denims and create the diy julia fox look easily at home. Resew your old clothes into designer clothes and look like a socialite. The alexander wang hobo bag, diy cropped jeans, diy denim bandeau and full denim alexander wang boots.. Julia fox styling choices give a whole new meaning to denim on denim. Is Julia Fox’s style vibing or not? Let me know in the comments.

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I am an upcycling fashion designer. I take mostly vintage or old clothes and make DIY fashion tutorials. IThese transformations are called thrift flip on social media. From now on I will also try to introduce more easy no sew diy projects on my channel. Sometimes we take inspiration from tiktok, insta or the runway and transform old clothes into something spectacular like this diy Daily Paper Top! I hope you enjoy this DESIGNER INSPIRED DIY! Or we just come up with our own crazy ideas and deconstruct fabrics or do other diy textile experiments at home.

My name is Peer Cox, I am a fashion designer and I want to inspire you to think twice before you throw away your old clothes.
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I am one of those fashion upcycling designers who takes old or vintage clothes and use it for my redesign fashion projects. I make a variety of diy fashion videos: from a resewing old clothes tutorial to sometimes an easy no sew vintage clothes transformation tutorial. Get inspired, join the fashionrec and start reworking your wardrobe today!

My redesign fashion projects are not meant for children! Please handle safety instructions as provided by all the tools and machines that are used.
Please use my videos for entertainment and educational purposes only, always take the necessary safety measures and research a variety of sources before starting with a new technique and try to be realistic about your skill-level and the possible risks and results.

These DIY refashion projects can usually be done on the sewing machine, serger or overlocker but also there will be options without sewing.

This is your playlist for DIY designer rip off fashion. Runway fashion is fun, Designer pieces are nice to collect but let’s be honest: You need a big wallet and how sustainable and ethical are these clothes really? (Hint: As opposed to popular believe, not much more sustainable than fast fashion!). These are just a few of the reasons to make your own DIY designer knock off. Making designer clothes DIY style is very rewarding because you can create a unique look for the fraction of the price. In my videos, for the entertainment value I try to replicate designer clothes as well as possible but making diy designer inspired clothes and giving your own twist on it is often even more rewarding. Ripping of designer clothes can often be easier than you think, finding the most suitable old / second hand garment to work with is often key! Usually it helps if the garment is already of a nice fabric/cut/overall quality but sometimes you can also make trash into couture. I hope you will have fun recreating designer looks!
One thing is certain, making designer fashion DIY style at home will make your reworked wardrobe so much more sustainable, affordable and unique!

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What Would You Choose? DIY a Designerbag From Old Jeans (this Jeans bag Tutorial saves you $1500) New 2022

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