Walmart Starving Pregnant Woman Starved baby bump at 7 minutes Baby moving at 8 minutes 3 Seconds New 2022

Walmart Starving Pregnant Woman Starved baby bump at 7 minutes Baby moving at 8 minutes 3 Seconds

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I’m asking for a gang indictment under a RICO act for the individuals running the following companies

Walmart 5405 Rice Avenue Houston, Texas

The Galleria Mall Houston, Texas

The Star of Hope Women’s Shelter Houston, Texas

The Houston Area Women’s Center Shelter for Women’s Houston, Texas

Walmart 2700 Kirkwood Rd Houston Texas

HEB Royal Oaks

They are starving me pregnant because I hurt a white man’s leg in self-defense.

I have a multi-million dollar lawsuit and they are trying to cover up the evidence that I am pregnant by starving me trying to starve the baby to death with the women’s centers leaving me outside so that the city of Houston can starvr me with local grocery stores having people denying me food inside of the stores doing operations with all of the employees in the entire store to stop me from getting food.

The Women’s Centers are having me sleeping at bus stops denying me into the shelters where I could get three meals a day so that they can force me to go around local stores begging for food then have the entire city denying me food so that the KU KLUX Klan can try to starve my baby to death to avoid paying out a multi-million dollar suit about lying about the pregnancy which is medical malpractice.

They charged me for protecting myself and I was not guilty. I was released on all of the charges after the whites were abusing my pregnancy inside of the jail. They lied about my pregnancy in four hospitals here in Texas. Which is why they have to pay out the lawsuit. They also took my child a block from my home where the male was assaulting me pregnant then said that they raped my child to death with the white male’s parents so that they can teach blacks that we are not allowed to protect ourselves in America.

They have been framing me outside since I was released on the charges after holding me for 11 months torturing my pregnancy inside of a jail causing me to lose my apartment where the white male had been assaulting me.

They have been abusing my pregnancy by poisoning me and starving me leaving me outside of the women’s shelters for the past 3 years with the baby still alive in me.

The white male was assaulting me in my apartment, in the street, and in a local restaurant where I went for help.

The blacks started framing me here in America from the time that I was charged for protecting myself and since I’ve been released they have been framing me outside with racist whites here in America pregnant with the baby still alive in me.

They have been framing me to live outside since I was released on the charges saying that I do not have custody of my little boy that they stole a block from my home because they said that they were raping him to death for racism.

I have not seen my little boy since the day that the white male was assaulting us and they are continuing to frame me with the baby alive in me trying to starve me until the baby…(they want the baby dead)

The women’s centers are telling me that they are full and refusing to allow me to come stay inside of the shelters and they were agreeing with these games to not let me inside of the shelter when I went to the shelter for intake.

The shelters are leaving me outside at a bus stop knowing that I have a baby alive in me that needs urgent medical care with no food.

The Houston Fire Department and the Houston Police are riding around with all of the citizens in the city where they are following me around everywhere then trying to stop me from getting food.

They are following me as I am walking pregnant with a bag to local grocery stores and they are coming into the stores to shop then denying me food.

They have also been tampering with food items that I eat inside of the grocery stores by following me when I have money to buy food then tampering with the food then putting it on the shelves for me to buy when I have money.

They are doing this operation with all of the grocery stores in the area and I am pregnant on foot.

Other grocery stores include Whole Foods here in the Galleria area and Target.

They are starving me and they do not care. They are relentlessly trying to stop from having to pay out a settlement.

I am asking for the manager’s and the owners of the franchise to be arrested on charges for the starvation of my child as a gang indictment.

They also have helicopters flying over me as I am releasing this information. I have been standing outside of the Walmart for the past 2 hours trying to load this video and they also have their security staff involved where they have tried to tell me that I could not ask for food inside of the store which would have left me starving pregnant in the area. I am asking for convictions and heavy fines to be issued to the establishments that are listed above.

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Walmart Starving Pregnant Woman Starved baby bump at 7 minutes Baby moving at 8 minutes 3 Seconds New 2022

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