Testing Out VIRAL DIY Hacks | Expectation vs Reality | DIYQueen New 2022

Testing Out VIRAL DIY Hacks | Expectation vs Reality | DIYQueen

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Hi friends, In today’s video we have tested some viral DIY’s that you must have seen which is made from stick, plastic waste just like from reusable and recyclable products, made from cheap products, easily available products at home, Ice cream sticks, glue gun, flowers, thermocal balls The products we made are DIY Photo Frame, DIY Bulb, DIY Night lamps. You can make these DIY to git someone on festivals like Diwali, Friendship Day, Dussehra also you can decor your house. These beautiful DIYs are not so costly, made from waste products, beautiful plants. We are sure you all gonna love this video a lot.

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Testing Out VIRAL DIY Hacks | Expectation vs Reality | DIYQueen New 2022

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